It's time to start!

For the future I will be seen out there hunting for plastic waste. My goal is that all plastic found anywhere else than where it should be, will be picked up and transported to where it belongs. I'm afraid that we'll find enormous amounts of plastic in the nature. It's already a fact that some of our beaches overflows already, causing problems for the fish in the sea and the animals on shore. Did you know that if we continue to use our nature as waste disposal areas like we do today, there will be less fish than garbage and plastic in the oceans, in like 20 years??? By then my grandsons will be 25 and 29 years of age. I will, if I live to see that day, be 72 years old...and our planet will slowly die. It has already started, those facts are just so sad to think of. It really frightens me to know that I will have to be a witness to the madness. Luckily there are more and more people around the world who has started to speak out over the major pollution problems the Earth is facing right here, right now. Despite internet, radio, TV and social medias around, the majority of people on Earth either just don't know what's going on, or they're not able to do anything about it. But what is really frightening, is that there are so many people who knows about what damages plastic waste can do to the nature, and still they continue to pollute. Microplastic is a very dangerous content in i.e. toothpaste, make-up, paint etc (Thank you so much, Audhild, for informing me <3) Let us all be conscius and aware of what products we buy. We never asked for microplastic in make-up, some clever mind found out what "good" microplastic does to a product, so they add microplastic. Microplastic is found in fish now - which makes that fish dangerous for us to eat! Seriously - ban microplastic NOW! -