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47 pieces of plastic debris was found in this fish stomach.

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My name is Grethe, and I'm a 51 year old grandmother from Norway. During a holiday trip to Kenya in February 2014, I was shocked by all the plastic waste floating around in the Ocean and in the villages. There are little, if any, functional waste management. I am told that it is like this everywhere on this Continent. But why would anyone pick it up, when they don't have containers to store it in?  And who would collect what was picked up? After this trip, I started to work on the idea that I had to do something. During my self-education regarding plastic waste, I have stumbled upon many proofs to how big this problem is. My search on the internet gave me a devastating film taken on Midway Island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It also gave me proof that even the tinyest creatures in the Oceans are filled with microplastic. They find fish with plastic debris in their stomachs. Hey - WE EAT that fish. For how many more years can we do that?

Plastic does not disappear! Make a change - pick it up.


09.08.2016 13:37

June Grønseth

Så godt at vi er flere!! Her er en stor jobb å gjøre.